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Azamara has cancelled into 2021

Posted By: Libbymazer

Azamara has cancelled into 2021 - 09/17/20 10:53 PM

FYI. We just heard from Azamara that Japan is not allowing US individuals into the country forcing the cancellation of our late April 2021 Tokyo to Tokyo cruise.

We were offered a refund, a lift and shift protecting our price or 125% FCC to another cruise.

This either does not bode well for Japan ports of calls on other lines or the fact that SS and RCI may cancel trips into 2021.

This is our second cancelled Azamara trip and we had a 2022 SS Cape to Cape cruise cancelled .
Posted By: petlover

Re: Azamara has cancelled into 2021 - 09/19/20 10:46 PM

I'm so sorry to hear this, I feel your pain having cancelled cruises. I hope some day you'll be able to visit Japan. I've been there a couple of times and they were very welcoming to visitors....such a difficult world we're living in right now.
Posted By: Libbymazer

Re: Azamara has cancelled into 2021 - 09/21/20 04:13 AM

Thank you
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