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Kathy St. Vincent

Posted By: Jim B

Kathy St. Vincent - 11/27/19 02:59 PM

Just noticed on face book that Kathy took a terrible fall and is in the hospital.
The picture of her in bed at the hospital looks really scary.
Posted By: seadog

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 11/27/19 04:45 PM

She did not fall. To quote her post:
"Thought a I’d try to find something new and different to do over Thanksgiving. Epic Fail!" [Fail, not Fall]
Her blood oxygen level dropped significantly. The photo of her in the hospital she has a BiPAP machine mask on.
Posted By: Ngaire

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 11/29/19 04:27 AM

Glad to hear Kathy did not fall. She does have to used oxygen a lot and that is a much better situation than a fall.
Posted By: Anna B.

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 11/30/19 08:54 PM

Hi All, I just checked in here to find out how Ngaire is doing and found this. We called 911 a week ago Thursday night because I couldn't seem to get my breathing under control. Good decision on our parts. When paramedics put me in the ambulance my blood oxygen was 81 and my heart rate was 150. I had a lung infection that I was not aware of and of course a good bit of my usual combo of panic and anxiety. Lots of testing, lots of good ICU care and I was able to be home for Thanksgiving. I was blessed to have both of my kids here and am feeling much better and more optimistic. Thankfully that God awful Bi Pap machine did not come home with me! I miss all of you so much. I may have been down, but I'm far from out!
Posted By: RachelG

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 12/01/19 12:14 AM

Kathy, sweetie, we are so relieved. George and I have been fervently praying for you.
Posted By: Ngaire

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 12/01/19 12:47 AM

Good to hear you are doing better and that you got home for thanksgiving. Smart to not take any chances and call for assistance.
Posted By: jhp

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 12/01/19 03:23 AM

Kathy, so sorry to hear you had a problem, and SO glad you are better now! We all miss seeing you both!
Posted By: cruisinfanatic

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 12/01/19 01:43 PM

Kathy - so good to hear that you are home and doing better. I have been thinking about you and sending hugs and prayers your way. Take care, hope to see you soon, somehow. Hugs and love.
Posted By: Jim B

Re: Kathy St. Vincent - 12/01/19 03:35 PM

Sorry I could not read the post correctly, but not sorry to hear you are doing much better Kathy!
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