Didn't realize LCT was up until last night when Penny saw the "cure" on Facebook so some of you LCTers got a preview of the following two videos the other day.

Anyway, here's what I said:

Following 9 min. video covers our visit to NJ/NY during Sept. 2009 with the primary thought of visiting Lee & Michael Johnson before they left on a cruise.

As an added benefit, have purchased a few songs from I-Tunes featuring Bobby St. Vincent, son of our own Al & Kathy St. Vincent, who you will hear singing and playing of his guitar. We fortunately got to meet him and watch him perform while in Westlake (Cleveland) recently. Neat!

Visit with Lee & Michael and scouting out old haunts.


This video covers our actual cruise on Princess


Cheers! Ray
p.s.: New system doesn't accept my links for activation. Any suggestions? If not guess one will have to copy/past link to browser..........