The Silver Cloud cruises that Ken and I are escorting in 2019 (Celtic UK/Wales/Ireland/Scotland May 2019) and 2020 (POP2IT South Georgia and Antarctica - Jan 2020) have gone up in price.
I wanted to let you know that KLT still has the original pricing until February 28th as we have a contract with Silversea.If any of you were interested but decided to wait and think about it later, do go ahead and book it. You can always cancel for a $200 penalty at 120 days before departure. But after February 28 that price is going to increase and probably continue to go up.

• Silver Cloud UK about Vista $400 and Veranda $500 per person or $1000 per couple
• Silver Cloud South Georgia/Antarctica Veranda $3000 per person or $6000 a couple and Midship Veranda $3200 per person or $6400 per couple.

Bigger savings on bigger suites of course.

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